Cosmetics, skin care products and perfumes are hot choices for gifting. Many clients have asked us about sending cosmetics and skin care products overseas. However, the ingredients in many cosmetics and skin care products may fail to successfully pass the customs clearance process! Why? How can it be avoided? Take a look at the explanation below:

Products Which Allow To Ship

  • Facial mask, such as paper mask, mud mask, gel mask

  • Cream-like products, such as eyeliner, lipstick, eyebrow cream, mascara, eyebrow dye, eyebrow pencil

  • Gel-like products, such as foundation, serum, cream

  • Eye shadow

Products Which Need Extra Attention

Why does FreightAmigo recommend you to check with our CS before sending the goods? It is because the ingredients of many products will be classified as dangerous goods – client may need to submit MSDS reports/some products will be rejected directly by the service provider! Moreover, different logistics service providers have different shipping restrictions. How much time you need to spend to study all of them? Stop wasting time & cost! You can refer to the following examples or directly ask our online customer service for help, which is a simpler way:

  • Alcoholic ingredients, such as makeup remover, toner, perfume

  • Contain medicinal ingredients, such as ointments containing steroids

  • Compressed gas or spray products, including sunscreen spray, compressed deodorant

  • Liquid products: such as eye drops, shampoo

  • Powdered products, such as pressed powder, blush

  • Oil products such as nail polish

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After understanding the shipping restrictions, it’s time to arrange the shipment~ FreightAmigo is the 1-stop supply chain finance eMarketplace which can help! Once the online appointment is confirmed, the courier staff will come to pick up the parcel at the designated date and time. Throughout the journey, customers can also track the latest status of the shipment online, which is convenient and safe to send!

Have a look at the booking example below:

Step 1

Register for free, log in to the FreightAmigo platform. At the “Instant Quote” page, enter the origin & destination, select the type “Parcel”, enter other cargo information, then click “Search”.

Step 2

FreightAmigo based on the cargo information you entered, the quote options and required transit time of different international courier service providers will be listed for you to compare, and you can immediately see the cheapest price.

After selecting the desired quotation, you can click “Book” to place an order. If you wish to send urgent items, you can choose “Fastest” in the sorting option, and you will see the quotation with the shortest shipping time~

Compared with customer’s walk-in and asking courier companies, FreightAmigo quotation is much cheaper!

Step 3

Fill in the relevant shipping information, i.e. pick up date and time, and then select the payment method for online booking.

*Friendly reminder: There are tons of cosmetics & skincare product. To avoid the delay of customs clearance, you should list the details as much as possible~ Have a look at the example:

In addition to receiving an email confirmation from FreightAmigo after payment, you can also download from “My Shipment/Email” and print the shipping document on one side. Tutorial here

Most important! Customers can track the shipment by one-stop, and send it safely and at ease!

With FreightAmigo’s “Track & Trace” function, you can check the status of DHL, UPS, FedEx and other courier companies on one platform. Or just go to “My Shipment” and you can track the status of the package in real time. You don’t need to check it on different websites and know the latest shipment status in real time!

Learn to use the FreightAmigo platform and easily save your time! If you are interested, you can try the online quotation or use the green icon “Amigo Chat” in the lower right corner to find customer service for help!

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