Thank you for choosing FreightAmigo! If you need to review or update your shipping documents, "Shipment Summary Page" is the place assisting you to manage your shipment. Please login to your account first and follow below simple steps.

STEP 1 - Access to "Shipment Summary Page"

Firstly, please find MyShipment on the left side menu bar and Search with "Shipment No." (e.g. “Q10092384" or ”R120902222"). Then Click "Shipment link" to enter "Shipment Summary Page".

STEP 2 - Enter "Cargo Tracking & Documents" Tab and View Details

Access "Cargo Tracking & Documents" with tab and Click "Download" to download and view the documents.

STEP 3 - Access to Edit Mode

Click "Edit Info" button as shown below to access Edit Mode.

STEP 4 - Modify Shipping Documents and Information

In the edit page you can:

After updated, please click "Update". If no amendment is made, click "Cancel".

Receiving the following message on the top of the page as the required Shipping Documents is successfully uploaded! An “updated” wordings is also specified on the documents that have changes.

Please be notified that your documents' size should be less than 3MB, and in common formats, like: .pdf/; .doc/; .docx/; .xlsx/; .xls/; .jpg;/ etc.

The uploaded documents will be instantly received and follow-up by our team. If you have any enquires, please do not hesitate and contact us through the AI chatbot on the bottom-right corner. Thanks again for choosing FreightAmigo!

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